Totally Tarkainted

Another Tarkan blog, with good pics, in English.

Tarkan'a Sevgilerimle

Mexican website, with very good info on Tarkan, lyrics, fan art and more. In Spanish and English.

Tarkan News

A blog by a turkish fan, with the latest news, in English.

Tarkan Fans Map

Interactive world map showing the location of Tarkan fans around the globe.

The Tarkan Blog

French blog about Tarkan.

Tarkan 4 You

A brazilian blog on Tarkan. In portuguese.

Tarkan Lyrics

Web site compiling all of Tarkan lyrics.


Official Tarkan website, news, pics, videos, PC extras and more. In turkish.


Tarkan Argentina

The first argentinian Tarkan website, with info, news and pics. In Spanish.

Tarkan at Night

Site from California (USA), with lots of pics, and info on Tarkan like his biography, songs, links, videos. In English.

Tarkan Tour

Site from Colombia, with a great picture gallery, biography, links, and general info on Tarkan. In Spanish.

Tarkan Latinclub

Has links, message board, biography, etc. In Spanish.


Tarkan Fantasia

Tarkan web site with lyrics, news, online shop, and info on Turkey. In English.

Tarkan Russia

Tarkan website from Russia, with info and news. In Russian and English.

Karma: Tarkan Fan Listing, for fans all around the world.

Didem`s World of Tarkan

Web site by a turkish fan, with news, pics, lyrics. In english.

Hungarian Tarkan Fanclub

Web site from Hungary, created by a Tarkan fan, with lots of info and news. In Hungarian and English.

Tarkan Fanatic

A website from the UAE. In Beautiful design, with bio, pics, message forums, etc. In English.

Tarkan Deluxe

Blog with Tarkan's latest news, press articles, and opinions. In English.

Hungarian website with links to all Tarkan resources on the Internet. In Hungarian and English.

Tarkan's World is a website from Romania. It has Tarkan info intended for the romanian public, news, pics, etc. In romanian and english.


Web site including info on Tarkan.

Tarkan OnLine

Very nice site, where you can find Tarkan wallpapers, screensaver, pics, song lyrics, etc.

Tarkan Site

Nice site from Russia, with biography, discography, pics, songs, etc. In English.

Tarkan Exclusive

An excellent site from Turkey, with beautiful design, has lots of pics and other info on Tarkan. In Turkish.


Site from Turkey (Zebra Press) with good info on Tarkan, bio, an interactive photo gallery, etc. In English.

Marleen's Tarkanplace

The best fan-made Tarkan web site on the net. It's the most complete. Has everything you want to know about Tarkan: biography, pics, lyrics, interviews, news, music, videos, etc. In English.

Tarkan by Marleen

A site made by Marleen before Tarkanplace. In English.

Tarkan by Jasmine

Links, lyrics, a lot of Tarkan pics. In English.


Turkish site (Zebra Press - Turkey and Germany), with links to a message board, fan club and to 2 other web sites: Tarkan2001 (in English) and Sevgili Tarkan (in Turkish).

Tarkan 2001

Nice Turkish site (Zebra Press) with lots of pics, news, lyrics, and info about Tarkan. In English.


Turkish site (Zebra Press), with many info about Tarkan: news, biography, lyrics, pics, etc. In Turkish.


Turkish site with all kind of stuff about Tarkan. In Turkish.


German website, made by a turkish fan. News, pics, links. In german and turkish.

Star Tarkan.8K

Another web site similar to the previous one and made by the same fan, also with Flash animations, music, links, etc. In Turkish and English.


Tarkan Club

The biggest online club right now. Mailing list in english.

Club Oficial de Tarkan en México

Online club for the Official Tarkan Mexican Fanclub. In spanish.

Buyuleyici Yaramaz Fans

This one is also owned by the Official Tarkan Mexican Fanclub. In spanish.

Oriente Pop

This club has info on Middle Eastern singers. In spanish.

Tarkan 4 Ever

Online club, with Tarkan info, pics, news. In english.

Tarkan Bir Tanem

Online club, with lots of news, info, pics, sweepstakes, etc. In english.

Tarkana Sevgilerimle

Online club. In spanish.


Learn Practical Turkish

This site isn't related to Tarkan, but I found it useful to understand Turkish language, specially pronunciation, so I could sing his songs!

Site offering an online course to learn turkish. The lessons are in english.

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